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Fri, 23 Jun 2006, 07:41 PM

Pro Modified Qualifying Notes, Session #1
By Larry Sullivan

EDMONTON, Alb. - Notes from round 1 qualifying in Knoll Gas - Torco Pro Modified at the 2006 eMax Drag Racing Series, CARS RV & Marine & Motorsports Rocky Mountain Nationals presented by TORCO Racing Fuels listing lane, driver name, elapsed time, top speed, and position in order following run:
Left Lane: Trevor Lowe Runs 12.403/104.17, Now #2
Right Lane: Pat Stoken Runs 6.535/219.26, Now #1

5:07 p.m. Weather conditions: air temperature 72 degrees, relative humidity 41 percent, barometer 28.09 inches,adjusted altitude 3,215 feet, track temperature 103 degrees.

Lowe shook violently and coasted through. Stoken made a relatively uneventful run after driving through early tire shake that killed his elapsed time.

Left Lane: Joe Delehay Runs 6.389/225.63, Now #1
Right Lane: Ross Hogenson Runs 6.568/216.45, Now #3

Delahay now has a Viper instead of the pickup truck we saw here last year. Both cars had some early tire shake, neither was so severe that their run was threatened, just slowed.

Left Lane: Harold Martin Runs 6.302/222.00, Now #1
Right Lane: Vern Mills No Time, Now #6

One of these two cars made a loud POP when it was fired, but both came out from under the tower, so it must not have been serious. Mills' car is a nitrous-boosted '68 Camaro. He made the burnout, did not stage the car. Martin had some early shake and left some "stuff around half track. Must not have been anything serious, the track workers picked something up and the trucks stayed put.

Left Lane: Ed Hoover Runs 6.462/218.72, Now #3
Right Lane: Shannon Jenkins Runs 10.586/78.81, Now #6

Jenkins is in his older '68 Camaro, the car is 135 pounds over the minimum weight for Pro Mod. He sold the white one, is using this one mostly as a test car. Hoover got out to almost half track, got seriously out of shape, up on two wheels. He pedaled and continued - just another day at the office. Jenkins lost a lot of time with tire shake early in the run.

Left Lane: Scott Cannon Runs 6.226/230.17, Now #1
Right Lane: Billy Harper Runs 6.570/180.04, Now #7

Nice pass by young Cannon to move to the head of the class. Harper was about a tent back at half track, but there was a flash of flame from his car at 1,000 feet and he coasted across the line after running 177.91 mph at half track.

Left Lane: Steve Vick Runs 9.647/96.69, Now #9
Right Lane: Kenny Lang Runs 6.975/201.82, Now #8

Vick got out about 200 feet, then lifted, shaking the tires. Lang lost a lot of time with early shake, posting a 1.126 60-foot time, then drove out of it.

Left Lane: Steve Bareman Runs 6.335/229.90, Now #4
Right Lane: Dennis Radford Runs 6.328/220.76, Now #3

Bareman hooked the tires up and scooted out of the water box with almost no tire spin. Both cars lost time getting off the starting line, both spinning the tires but avoiding severe shake.

Left Lane: Rick Distefano Runs 6.188/231.28, Now #1
Right Lane: Burton Auxier Runs 6.306/222.07, Now #4

Auxier was one of many coming here who were dleayed by bad weather in the United States Wednesday and Thursday - he just got to the track a couple hours ago.

Ricky D had the tires hazing for the first 200 feet or more, but it did the trick, no shake and the #1 spot on a nice run. Auxier stayed close to half track, then Distefano pulled away with a big speed.

Left Lane: Mike Janis Runs 6.266/219.22, Now #3
Right Lane: Mike Castellana Runs 6.281/216.45, Now #4

It looked Janis ate a set of pistons - and maybe the heads - at the finish line, heavy white smoke billowing from the pipes. However, the engine got the job done before it expired. That puts Shannon Jenkins on the bump spot at 10.586.

Left Lane: Carl Spiering Runs 6.257/230.17, Now #4
Right Lane: Jim Halsey Runs 6.191/227.27, Now #2

Two nice runs, neither car showing any evident shake, though Spiering's tire tracks are a bit wavy just off the starting line. Now Kenny Lang is on the bump spot at 6.975.

Left Lane: Alan Pittman No Time, Now #22
Right Lane: Quain Stott Runs 15.583/55.52, Now #20

Pittman was a no-show - at least we never saw his car in front of the tower. Stott lost traction immediately, shaking hard.

Left Lane: Tommy D'Aprile Runs 6.206/231.16, Now #3
Right Lane: Glen Kerunsky Runs 6.297/226.70, Now #8

Kerunsky is #1 in the poiints, so this should be the last pair of the round. 23 cars made it as far as the water box this round and there are a couple more that never got out of the pits.

Good runs in both lanes to tighten the field up once again. Afte rone session, Rick Distefano is #1 at 6.188 and Ross Hogenson is on the bump spot at 6.568.

Timing data courtesy of CompuLink

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