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Sat, 3 Jun 2006, 03:23 PM

Quick Rod Round 1 Winners

GRAND BEND, Ont. - Round 1 pairs and Round 1 winners in Quick Rod at the 2006 eMax Drag Racing Series, Mopar Canadian Nationals presented by Castrol:
 ---Round 1 Pairings ---
                    --------------- Round 2 ----------------- 
 5330 QR    R Folk
 3308 QR    B Kern
                   5330 R Folk

 1524 QR    H Robilotto
 3483 QR    R St. Pierre
                   1524 H Robilotto

 1282 QR    G Highway
 3771 QR    K Fisher
                   1282 G Highway

 123Q QR    C Butler
 9210 QR    J Nesbitt
                   123Q C Butler

    5 QR    G Williams
 146X QR    R Dorr
                      5 G Williams

 339K QR    D Klomps
 385E QR    B Koski
                   339K D Klomps

 3372 QR    S Hoyt
 2624 QR    A Miles
                   3372 S Hoyt

    9 QR    T Harvey
    6 QR    J Furr
                      9 T Harvey

 360E QR    R Rahaim
 3296 QR    B Ryan
                   360E R Rahaim

 5335 QR    J Finefield
   18 QR    T Karnik
                   5335 J Finefield

    1 QR    T Williams Jr.
 1322 QR    S Jahren
                      1 T Williams Jr.

  341 QR    J Hickman
 2001 QR    A Miles
                    341 J Hickman

 5298 QR    T Hagler
 3683 QR    R Schneider
                   5298 T Hagler

 3613 QR    R Biondo
 1844 QR    J Edmonds
                   3613 R Biondo

 968X QR    B Nesbitt
 3172 QR    L Zynda
                   968X B Nesbitt

 170A QR    K O'Brien
 360U QR    A Kennedy
                   170A K O'Brien

 9730 QR    L Bingham
  214 QR    M Dewitt
                   9730 L Bingham

  303 QR    J Elrod
   13 QR    E McCleaft
                    303 J Elrod

 1708 QR    D Urban
 395J QR    T Schippling
                   1708 D Urban

  336 QR    K Fisher
 1333 QR    J Harris
                    336 K Fisher

  177 QR    J Kenny
  394 QR    P Forster
                    177 J Kenny

 1273 QR    M Bertozzi
 1526 QR    M Robilotto
                   1273 M Bertozzi

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