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Fri, 30 Sep 2005, 04:19 PM

Super Gas Round 2 Winners

JOLIET, Ill. - Round 2 pairs and Round 3 ladder in Super Gas at the NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series, Fifth annual Ameriquest Mortgage Route 66 NHRA Nationals:
 -------- Left Side of Ladder-------  -------- Right Side of Ladder ---------
 ------- Round 2 -------                             ------- Round 2 --------
                    --------------- Round 3 ----------------- 
   31 S/G   A Bush                                      B Bennett   S/G    36
            Bye                                     H Stewart Jr.   S/G  3560
                     31 A Bush          H Stewart Jr.  3560
                     55 M Miller               R Haas   302
   55 S/G   M Miller                                       R Haas   S/G   302
 3108 S/G   E Rudek                                     M Hackett   S/G  363M

   53 S/G   J Taylor                                  H Sliwinski   S/G  5774
 136G S/G   J Lopes                                    S Kondolay   S/G  6676
                     53 J Taylor          H Sliwinski  5774
                   3336 T Hack                P Brown  3575
 3336 S/G   T Hack                                    B Zimmerman   S/G  3424
   35 S/G   C Siegler                                     P Brown   S/G  3575

 3262 S/G   M Snyder                                   J Lepinski   S/G  5794
 3539 S/G   E Keen                                    J Henderson   S/G  3823
                   3262 M Snyder          J Henderson  3823
                   3324 D Peden              J Bowman  5770
 3324 S/G   D Peden                                      J Bowman   S/G  5770
 397M S/G   B Splingaire                               K Vahlsing   S/G  5819

   29 S/G   S Adcock Jr.                                R Nygaard   S/G  5188
  370 S/G   R Sarmento                                  J Blezien   S/G  327B
                     29 S Adcock Jr.        R Nygaard  5188
                   300X D Oxley             T Seemann  1416
 300X S/G   D Oxley                                        M Tiry   S/G  3025
  355 S/G   R Erks                                      T Seemann   S/G  1416

 767G S/G   G Turczyn                                           Bye
  441 S/G   M Truman                                            Bye
                    441 M Truman              Bye
                   1064 T Logan               Bye
 3846 S/G   C Yates                                             Bye
 1064 S/G   T Logan                                             Bye

  307 S/G   G Couch                                             Bye
 1873 S/G   M Sawyer                                            Bye
                   1873 M Sawyer              Bye
                   7330 S Langdon             Bye
 7330 S/G   S Langdon                                           Bye
 5377 S/G   D Huellewig                                         Bye

 3372 S/G   S Hoyt                                              Bye
 339D S/G   D Klomps                                            Bye
                   3372 S Hoyt                Bye
                   3300 R Folk                Bye
 5077 S/G   L Strauss                                           Bye
 3300 S/G   R Folk                                              Bye

 2038 S/G   S Cohen                                             Bye
 2086 S/G   D Tatum III                                         Bye
                   2086 D Tatum III           Bye
                   5883 B Kleewein            Bye
 5883 S/G   B Kleewein                                          Bye
 358F S/G   T Hickey                                            Bye

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