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Shawn Langdon
0.043 | 4.668 | 220.19
Cory McClenathan
0.068 | 4.332 | 284.69
Cory Mac holds a 10-3 record against Langdon, 4-0 in round one, but he qualified 16th, Langdon was #1.

Both cars lost traction after about 100 feet and both drivers pedaled several times. Cory Mac's experience may have made the difference, he was able to find some traction and Langdon was not.

Cory McClenathan's incremental margins (negative if behind): 60ft(-0.038), 330 ft(-0.135), 660ft(0.051). MOV: 0.3119 seconds (more than 100 feet).

McClenathan will face Vandergriff in round two, Vandergriff has lane choice.