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Hector Arana
0.11 | 7.758 | 179.73
Shawn Gann
0.051 | 8.056 | 169.08
Arana is 5 - 2 against Gann in prior events.

Gann gets a big advantage off the line, gets about 400 feet out and almost crosses the centerline before backing off the throttle. Arana pulled ahead but then slowed near the end of the run.

Krawiec will have lane choice over Arana in the next round.

Hector Arana's incremental margins (negative if behind): 60ft(0.015), 330 ft(-0.011), 660ft(0.007), 1,000ft(0.165). MOV: 0.2396 seconds (approximately 59 feet).